About us

          The aim of this journal is to publish research articles related to dermatology and venereology.

          This journal would prefer to publish original research articles and review articles related to dermatology and venereology. Case reports also will be considered for publication, provided, the case being reported is rare or is of significant academic interest because of the location it is being reported from.

          Authors are requested to verify whether their research article fits into the scope of this journal before submission.

          As more and more medical professionals are realising the importance of publishing their findings and there is no dearth of journals to publish their research, there is a need for a quality journal which concentrates on a single department, provides a reliable platform, good editorial service, user friendly interface, good support and maintains high standard of publication ethics.

          We salute those scholars whose passion is to explore the unknown and help humanity to understand its roots, its present and its future. We empathize with those scholars who put this passion for discovery ahead of the normal social existence thereby sacrificing their normal life for this persistent desire for achieving greatness in their respective fields thereby enhancing the understanding of the world we live in.

          Features of this journal-

  • Acceptance rate is 60%
  • Improved content and English language editing
  • Reliable double blind peer review
  • Open Access- All articles are available online without login
  • Regular publication half yearly
  • All articles will be screened for plagiarism. We follow COPE guidelines while dealing with plagiarism.